Frequency Asking Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In the past here in Cyprus, there was no such thing as a central database of customers and accidents across the island but this has recently been introduced and so all companies can see the history of car claims/accidents, and there is now a no claims database available for all Insurance companies and agents to see. The premium you pay for Insurance takes into account the value of your car, the age of the Insured and the engine size of the vehicle as well as previous claim history. You can choose named driver policies or any driver policies here in Cyprus. A named driver policy is always cheaper than any driver but only allows a maximum of 2 drivers. 
Absolutely. With every car insurance policy we issue, we give you a detailed document of exactly what to do in the event of a bump, a major accident, theft, etc. We also provide you with a 24/7 number you can call on anytime of the day to assist you with any problems you may have.
At the Azant Group, we work with Zirve Sigorta for Car, Home and Emergency Health Insurance. Zirve Sigorta reinsure the risk with the biggest reinsurance company in Turkey and have been operating in Cyprus for many years so you can be assured that you are safe. If it is peace of mind that you are looking for, then look no further than Azant Insurance Agency in collaboration with Zirve Sigorta.
With Fully Comprehensive your vehicle is covered for all eventualities. Natural perils such as floods, earthquakes and storms are all covered. Fire, theft and malicious acts are also covered. Collision of any kind resulting in damage to your car is covered whether it is your fault or not. We can also cover you for fully comprehensive on the south side of Cyprus although you still have to buy the south standard third party policy in order to enter the South. In addition, we offer car hire cover in the evnt of an accident. This is available twice a year for up to 4 days after the first 24 hours your car is off the road.  Normally you can only have fully comprehensive cover on cars up to age 10 years but if the car is in good condition then sometimes we are able to offer this cover up to 15 years. For all comprehensive policies, we must take photographs of the car in advance of issuing the policy.
Good Question. As everyone knows there are many agencies here in North Cyprus and also you can choose to go direct to the Insurance Company or Bank rather than deal with an agency. All I can say is this is our job, we work hard to understand the products and we work hard to provide the best possible service. As a customer, we realise you are the most important person to our company and we will constantly be working to ensure you have the best service and the best products.
Absolutely Not. Alcohol and Drugs are a big No No here in Cyprus. If you are found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs then your car insurance is immediately invalid and you could end up being arrested. If you are in a car accident the hospital has the right to take a blood test which can be tested for alcohol and/or drugs. If you are found to be under the influence then you can become financially liable for any damage caused by you and your vehicle.
We can only provide a policy for the name on the logbook. It is your responsibility when you buy a car from someone to make sure that the logbook gets transferred into your name. This is a fairly simple process and legally should be carried out after a sale to make sure your insurance stays valid.