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In any House Claim Situation - it is your responsibility to protect your property as quickly as possible to ensure no further damage.

If you have a claim against your House Insurance you must call the Azant office on 0533 833 0841 or 0533 829 3231 to report the problem and provide as much information as possible about the claim. You should also take photographs which can be sent directly to the insurance company who can assess the situation quickly and start the claim process if it is a valid claim. A written and signed report is always necessary so when possible please provide a detailed report of what has happened and when. Sign and date the report and get it to us as soon as possible. We will also ask for a copy of your policy and ID at this time also. In the situation when you cannot reach Azant, you should call Zirve Insurance on 0548 824 0724.
There will be occasions when a site visit will be necessary/essential and we will notify you to arrange a suitable and convenient time.
No repairs to your property should be carried out without the approval of the Insurance Agency or Insurance Company. Only in an emergency situation should work be carried out, e.g. to stop a burst pipe, etc.

In the Event of a Burglary or Theft 

The police must be called and a police report must be obtained. Please note a police report can take up to 20 days to be issued or sometimes longer. The Insurance Company will not be able to settle a claim without this report so it is important that you continue to progress and chase this as a matter of urgency. The police will not always release this to the Insurance Company and so it is the responsibility of the insured to obtain this although we will of course assist in the matter.
Once the police have been called you must notify Azant for further assistance. If necessary, you should call the Emergency House Assistance number 0090 216 524 3336 to get the property secured as soon as possible. Repairs should only be done after the police have inspected the crime scene so please ensure that the crime scene is left untouched as fingerprints etc. will have to be taken. Please note that a theft with no forced entry is not a valid claim. It is your responsibility to protect who has access to your property.
Please be aware that all House Insurance claims must be reported within 8 Days at the latest but it is advisable to contact us immediately. It is therefore very important that if you are on holiday or living part of the year in another country that you have someone
regularly checking the property. If you are not permanently living in the property, then this should also be recorded on the actual policy.

Terms and Conditions 

Properties with a swimming pool should have an overflow in the balance tank, so in heavy rain the pump room does not get flooded causing damage to the pool pump and other equipment. It is also advisable to drop the level of the pool in the winter months to allow for excessive rain.

Electrical Goods

Electrical goods are not covered if effected and damaged by an electrical surge. Therefore we recommend you use surge protector plugs on large electrical items at all times. In some cases the experts here in Cyprus actually recommend a UPS or an electrical regulator to ensure that your products do not get destroyed when we have electrical issues on the island.
Mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices are not covered under house contents insurance.

Cash and Jewellery 

These items are not covered. Jewellery has to be specified on the policy and locked in a safe which is approved by the insurance company to be accepted – this would have to include accompanying photographs and values. These safes are not the small standard type readily available but are an actual accredited and approved safe.

Your Responsibility

It is your responsibility to understand the policy you have and understand the cover that is included within the policy. It is much better for all concerned if you actually provide a list of the contents that is covered on the policy also with a monetary value assigned to each. It is also your responsibility to inform the Insurance of any changes to the property or the values. E.g. If you increase the contents in the property, you must increase the contents value on the policy, if you add a room or a conservatory – you must inform the insurance also and make changes to the policy.
It is very important to understand the excesses that are written on the policy also, please ensure that you fully understand these and contact us if you need anything clarified.

Also please note that you are only covered for the perils specified on the policy. E.g. Subsidence is not covered on policies here, damp is not covered, wear and tear is not covered and accidental damage is not covered. A property is normally your biggest investment in life so understand your property policy and maintain your house and your investment.