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As we have a number of different Travel Insurance Products on offer then it is vital that you read your policy very carefully and understand what to do in the event of a Claim situation.

If your travel insurance is from Zirve Sigorta then :

Please call the telephone number listed on your policy and provide the following information:-

Full Name
Policy Number
Policy Expiry Date
Contact Number
Explanation of the problem you have and details of what assistance you require

Depending on the situation they will explain to you exactly what you need to do.

If for any reason your claim is valid and you have to pay and claim back then you will require the following information:-

Detailed report from hospital dated and including your name, symptoms you appeared at the hospital with and what treatement you recieved
Medical Examination Results if different to the detailed report.
Full detailed receipts of what you have paid.
Any other reports provided.

Depending on the claim, the insurance company may need more documents and if necessary will ask you to get them from the hospital/doctor or they will ask you to allow them or us to get them on your behalf.

All Our Policies

If you are unclear about your policy then you can contact us at anytime to discuss your cover and what your responsibilities are in relation to this policy. Email us on or call us on 0090 533 833 0841 or on 0090 533 829 3231.