Azant and Zirve Sigorta

Azant and Zirve SigortaZirve is a local Cypriot Insurance Company established in accordance with the TRNC Insurance Laws. Zirve was established in 1996, and has continued to grow since then having celebrated their 20th anniversary back in 2016. Insurance is a Trust business and Zirve value Trust as one of their most powerful attributes hence the reason we chose to work with them exclusively here in the TRNC.

Taking the Trust thing into account, Zirve has always followed the principle of reinsurance agreements with the most powerful and leading reinsurance companies in the world coupled with protecting their own resources. For this reason, Zirve can and does pay the numerous claims/damages that have been been raised with them over the years.

Zirve Sigorta Ltd. are experts in insuring vehicles, homes, commercial properties, fire, transportation, Personal Accident, Theft, Life Credit, Health and Travel Insurance. The premiums they charge in connection with the services they provide across all their branches and agencies are adjusted annually in line with claims. This means that in theory policy prices can rise or fall but Zirve do everything in their power to try and keep prices very competitive.

Like Azant Services Ltd, it is Zirve’s primary principle to provide the best insurance service safely and quickly to all customers.

Zirve Sigorta Ltd., strive to provide you with all the services and insurance transactions necessary.

Azant Insurance are proud to be working in collaboration with Zirve Sigorta Ltd.