Health Insurance

Some countries offer a National Health Service (NHS) similar to that of the UK and some countries if you have a work permit allow you to use the state hospital free of charge. Health insurance covers the cost of an insured individual's medical and surgical expenses. Depending on the type of health insurance coverage, either the insured pays the cost at treatment time and is then reimbursed, or the insurer can make the payment directly to the provider minus the excess amount if one is present. For an Insurance company to settle, it obviously has to be a covered condition and is also dependent on the timescales.

Medical costs in many foreign countries can be very expensive, not everywhere in the world has the luxury of the an NHS equivalent and if you are now living here in Cyprus full time then you may find that you are no longer eligible to make use of free NHS Services or your countries equivalent.
Over the past few years we have all heard some horror stories of ex-patriots who have suffered from serious illness and been unable to pay their healthcare bill, this can be as serious as resulting in you having to sell your home, sell your car or cash in some life savings to make these payments. There are also many people who due to illness have had to give up their retirement or nice life here in Cyprus to return to the UK because they cannot afford to live here with on-going medical bills.
There are quite a number of health insurance plans available here in Cyprus from both local and overseas providers but some of the local products only cover up to a certain age which may not be ideal for you. Cover provided and premiums payable will depend on age, type and extent of cover required and any pre-existing conditions which is very important to declare at the application stage. Make sure that you spend time and effort selecting your health insurer, understanding the benefits it offers, ensuring that your agency knows the products well and can assist in answering questions about the product and claims issues when they arise.
We have a number of different options and plans available to suit different ages

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