Emergency Health Insurance

Alternative to Health Insurance - Emergency Stability Health Insurance

For foreigners and locals alike, private health insurance can sometimes be very expensive and sometimes just not affordable. In these cases you have no choice but to use the health service on offer in your home country. For some people living in Cyprus this can also be dificult as we have no free healthcare service here as such and you still have to pay a bill when visiting or staying at the local hospital.
Azant Insurance Agency in conjunction with Zirve Sigorta are pleased to offer this new product to the Island which was introduced mid 2015. This is an ideal product to cover you in emergency situations and is available at a price that is affordable for everyone. It should be understood that this is not a traditional Health Insurance which deals with ongoing sickness or long term illness. It is a product for getting you stable following an agreed medical emergency.

There are three options available:-

Customer Age
Value of Cover
Bronze Cover
10,000 TL
Silver Cover
25,000 TL
Gold Cover
50,000 TL
2 – 9 Years 320 TL 485 TL 645 TL
10 – 48 Years 250 TL 350 TL 480 TL
49 – 58 Years 410 TL 515 TL 735 TL
59 – 69 Years 470 TL 650 TL 880 TL
Emergency Situations Covered by the Policy include:
  • Traffic Accident
  • Heart Attack & Arrhythmias
  • Hypertension Crisis
  • Acute Respiratory Problems
  • Life Threatening Injury or Fall
  • Life Threatening Occupational Accident
  • Limb Dismemberment
  • Electric Shock
  • Freezing, Frostbite
  • Burns, Heat Strokes
  • Traumatic Eye Burning
  • Choking & Anaphylactic Conditions
  • Life Threatening Poisoning
  • Bone Breaks or Fractures
  • Lower Extremity Dislocations
  • Conditions Causing Loss of Consciousness
  • Sudden Paralyses
  • Diabetic or Uremic Coma
  • Acute Massive Bleeding
  • Meningitis, Encephalitis
  • Fever above 39°C
  • Foreign Object in the Respiratory Tract
  • Foreign Object Likely to Obstruct the Digestive Tract
  • Severe Eclampsia
  • Acute Abdominal Conditions
You are also entitled to one free Physio appointment, one set of blood tests (*) and one dietician visit at specific clinics in Lefkosa. You can also get a free film and check up at a specific dentist in Lefkosa.
The value of these tests are almost the same price as the policy purchase so very good value for money.
(*) The Blood Tests included with the 10,000 TL Policy includes:- Fasting blood test, Cholestoral test, tryglicerides, urea test, creatin test, blood enzyme test (AST and ALT)
(*)The Blood Tests included with the 25,000 TL Policy includes:- the tests above plus Uric acid test, alkaline tests and full blood count test
(*) The Blood Tests included with the 50,000 TL Policy includes:- the above tests plus calcium test, phosphorus test, iron test, erythrocyte sedimentation test and thyroid test. 
When you have this product it is very important that you call the emergency number on your card for approval of treatment for one of the conditions listed on your policy. If the emergency is such that you are unable to make the call then please ensure that you get a full detailed receipt for any treatment given. This receipt and report must state exactly what symptoms you suffered, what treatment was given and the full price paid. The receipt must also be in the name of the policy holder who is receiving the treatment.

Please Note:
  • Everyone between the ages of 2 and 70 living in the TRNC may purchase the Emergency Stability Health Insurance Product from Azant in conjunction with Zirve Insurance. n.b. Please note that your age is calculated differently in North Cyprus and Turkey and so the age is worked out by the system taking the current DD/MM/YYYY minus your date of birth to calculate your age which does mean that although you may be 69, you could actually be classed as 70 as you are in your 70th year. This applies to all categories for pricing. Please ask our staff for more details on this.
  • A health declaration must be completed before the Insurance Policy is produced.
  • Policy period is 1 year duration and a new form must be completed each year.
  • A 24/7 Call Centre Number is available in English and Turkish
  • This Emergency Stability Health Insurance is valid in the TRNC and Turkey only.
It should be noted that only the conditions/situations listed on the policy are what is covered by this product. This is not a product that can be used for general health issues such as doctor visits, flu, etc. Please ensure you read the policy very carefully and that you understand your cover. If in any doubt about your policy you can contact a member of the Zirve Sigorta or Azant Insurance Agency team who will happily explain the policy to you.
It is preferable to attend one of the private hospitals listed below as they are fully aware of the Insurance product you have and can act quickly to get payment resolved. Obviously depending on the situation this is not always possible so as mentioned above, please ensure that you get a full detailed report, hospital receipt detailing exactly what was paid by you and for what treatment.

The contracted hospitals agreed to date are:-

  • Kolan British Hospital
  • Suat Gunsel Hospital in Karakum
  • Lefkosa Ozel Başkent Hospital
  • Mağusa Tıp Merkezi
  • Mağusa Yaşam Hospital
  • Nafia Bekiroğlu Fizik Tedavi ve Rehberlik Merkezi
  • Kolan Girne Tıp Merkezi
  • Yakın Doğu (Near East) Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Hastanesi
  • Yakın Doğu (Near East) Üniversitesi Girne Dispanseri
  • Yakın Doğu (Near East) Üniversitesi Güzelyurt Dispanseri
  • Yakın Doğu (Near East) Üniversitesi Mağusa Dispanseri

There are also more than 600 contracted health care providers in Turkey.
This product is ideal to have to cover emergency situations and is also ideal to operate alongside your existing full health insurance as there is no excess on this product and it pays up to the value of your cover provided the problem is one of the policy agreed issues.
If you buy any General Insurance product from Azant Insurance Agency, we will discount your Emergency Health policy by 10%.
For more information about this very affordable product, please contact us at Azant Insurance Agency on
info@azantinsurance.com or call us on 0533 833 08 41 or 0533 829 32 31.

Alternatively you can download the PDF form below, complete all the details, sign and scan it to us.