Emergency Health Insurance

Alternative to Health Insurance - Emergency Stability Health Insurance

A medical emergency rarely comes with a warning, that is why it is advantageous to have emergency medical insurance cover.

Azant Insurance Agency in conjunction with Zirve Sigorta are pleased to offer this emergency health cover with the Near East Hospitals here in the TRNC. Importantly, it should be understood that this is not a Health Insurance policy that will provide cover for any ongoing sickness or long term illness.This is a product for getting you stable following an agreed medical emergency.

There are four options available to you:-
                                     INSURANCE COVER/PACKAGE                 PREMIUM
Emergency only:                              25,000 TL                                   860,00 TL
Emergency including check up*:     25,000 TL                                  3.550,00 TL
Emergency only:                              50,000 TL                                  1.770,00 TL
Emergency including check up*:     50,000 TL                                   5.200,00 TL
Whilst this policy is for treatment in Near East Hospitals within the TRNC only (please see list below), in any life threatening emergency you should get care from the closest hospital that can help you. That hospital will treat you regardless of whether you have insurance, but you must be aware that your Near East Emergency Health cover for Near East hospitals will impose a reduced payment of up to 25%.  

In all non life threatening situations, we would recommend you go directly to any Near East A & E department as a covered condition can be dealt with easily as you are already registered within their system. If you choose to go elsewhere,  it is imperative that you contact the 24 hour emergency number (The admitting hospital can help you with this) before accepting any/all treatments to ensure that you are covered. Again please note that using an alternative hospital to Near East will result in a reduced payment.

EMERGENCY NUMBER 0548 824 0724 (not required if attending Near East)

If the emergency is such that you are unable to make the call then please ensure that you get a discharge letter from the doctor detailing all treatments and medication, your admittance and discharge dates and all payments and receipts in your name (the Policy Holder) for any treatment given. This receipt and report must state exactly what symptoms you suffered, the treatment that was given and the full invoice payment made. It is helpful if you also gain a fatura (receipt, and keep the payment slip).

Emergency Situations Covered by the Policy include:

  1. Acute myocardial infarction
  2. Sudden paralysis
  3. Accidents and injuries due to a sudden and external event
  4. Appendicitis
  5. Brain abscess
  6. Serious occupational accident
  7. Impact-related internal organ ınjury
  8. Diabetic and uremic coma
  9. Freezing/Frostbite
  10. Electric shock burns
  11. Encephalitis (brain inflammation)
  12. Epilepsy crisis
  13. Domestic-wild animal bites requiring serious surgical intervention
  14. All kinds of internal organ bleeding expect for gynaecological hormonal bleeding dueto miscarriage.
  15. Life-threatening poisonings
  16. Hypertension crisis
  17. All kinds of 2nd and 3rd degree burns
  18. Meningitis
  19. Stomach perforation
  20. Renal colic
  21. Nerve rupture
  22. Cold or heat stroke
  23. Acute respiratory problems caused by foreign body in the respiratory tracts
  24. Drowning
  25. Inhalation of irritating gases
  26. Serious eye burns from irritants
  27. Traffic accident
  28. All types of trauma-related skin cuts requiring sutures
  29. Massive Bleeding from trauma
  30. Any situation that causes sudden loss of consciousness due to trauma and/or accident
  31. All fractures and dislocations
  32. Limb amputations
  33. Serious allergies tables caused by snake,scorpion or spider sting
  34. High fever (38 degrees and above)
  35. Falling from height (except attempted suicide)
  36. Vomiting or headaches due to migraine
  37. Rape            
Please Note:
  • Everyone between the ages of 0 and 74 living in the TRNC may purchase the Emergency Stability Health Insurance Product from Azant in conjunction with Zirve and Near East Insurance.
  • Children between the ages of 0 and 17 can be insured only if one of the parents is insured
  • Check-up is available only for the ages of 25-74
  • A health declaration form must be completed and signed before the Insurance Policy is produced.
  • Policy period is 1 year duration, and a new form must be completed each year.
  • A 24/7 Call Centre Number is available in English and Turkish.
  • This Emergency Stability Health Insurance is valid in the TRNC only. 
It should be noted that only the conditions/situations listed on the policy are covered by this product. This is not a product that can be used for general health issues such as doctor visits, flu, etc. Please ensure you read the policy very carefully and that you understand your cover. If in any doubt about your policy, you can contact a member of the Azant Insurance team who will happily explain the policy to you.

It is preferable to attend one of the hospitals listed below as they are fully aware of the Insurance product you have and can act quickly to get payment resolved. Obviously depending on the situation this is not always possible so as mentioned above, please ensure that you get a full detailed report and discharge report from the hospital with receipts detailing exactly what was paid by you and for what treatment. Please make sure you understand that your policy will not cover all treatment costs at other hospitals.

The contracted hospitals agreed to date are:

Dr Suat Gunsel Hospital Girne:
Şehit Yahya Bakir Sokak, Karakum/Girne                                                
0392 444 9939 

Near East University Tıp Fakültesi Hastanesi (Faculty of Medicine) Lefkosa:
Yakın Doğu Bulvarı (Near East Boulevard) Lefkosa
0392 223 6464
Near East University Güzelyurt Dispanseri (Guzelyurt Hospital):
Ecevit Caddesi, Next to Bus Station, Guzelyurt
0392 675 1076 (internal 2470)
Near East University Bafra Dispanseri (Bafra Hospital):
Bafra hotels Area, Bafra/İskele
0392 444 0535 (internal 2424)
Near East University Yeniboğaziçi Dispanseri (Yeniboğazici Hospital) Gazimagusa:
Address: İstiklal Caddesi, Near East Campus, Yenibogazici/Famagusta
0392 444 4535
This product is ideal to cover emergency situations and can also operate alongside a full medical health insurance.  As there is no excess to be paid on this product and it pays up to the value of your cover provided the injury or illnesses are stated within the scope of the emergency health policy.

Health Check:
For check up you will need to contact one of the Near East Hospitals listed above to arrange an appointment.

*You are entitled to a once a year check-up that includes (only for ages of between 25-74):
  • Doctor examination report
  • Electrocardiography, EFOR EKG
  • Urine test
  • Hematology (Hemogram and sedimentation)
  • Fasting blood sugar
  • HbA1C
  • Blood urea and creatinine (renal function test)
  • Liver function tests (AST, ALT, GGT, Total bilirubin)
  • Uric acid
  • Blood fats (Cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides)
  • HIV test
You are also entitled to one free :
  • Physio appointment
  • Dental check-up with panoramic film
  • One set of blood tests 
  • Dietician visit (Only at specific clinics in Lefkosa)
The value of these tests alone are almost the same price as the price of the insurance premium, so very good value for money, what is included in the blood tests are detailed as follows:

Blood Tests:
  • The Blood Tests included with the 25,000 TL Policy includes:-Fasting blood test, Cholestoral test, Tryglicerides, Urea test, Creatin test, Blood enzyme test (AST and ALT) Uric acid test, Alkaline tests and full blood count test
  • The Blood Tests included with the 50,000 TL Policy includes:-Fasting blood test, Cholestoral test, Tryglicerides, Urea test, Creatin test, Blood enzyme test (AST and ALT) Uric acid test, Alkaline tests and Full Blood count test, Calcium test, Phosphorus test, Iron test, Erythrocyte sedimentation test and Thyroid test.  
For more information about this very affordable product, please contact us at Azant Insurance Agency on [email protected] or alternatively contact us direct on  +90 533 844 0019 during office working hours.

Some Helpfull Numbers:
POLICE EMERGENCY:                    155                       AMBULANCE EMERGENCY:         112
General                                              228 3411             Hospitals:
Girne                                                  815 2125             Girne                                                  815 2266/815 2254
Gazi Mağusa                                     366 5310              Lefkoşa                                              228 5441
Güzelyurt                                           714 2140             Gazi Mağusa                                     366 2876/366 5328
Lapta                                                  821 8512             Güzelyurt                                           714 2125
FIRE EMERGENCIES                       199                       ELECTRICAL FAULTS                     188
FOREST FIRE                                   177                       Lefkoşa                                              225 3436
Girne                                                  815 2111              Girne                                                  815 2223
Kefkoşa                                              227 1259             Gazi Mağusa                                     366 5514
Gazi Mağuza                                     366 5389              Güzelyurt                                           714 2122
Güzelyurt                                           714 2200
Lefkoşa                                              228 3315
Girne                                                  815 2118
Gazi Mağusa                                     366 4481
Güzelyurt                                           714 3516
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